Who we are

Olivia and Katie

Katie has always wanted to work with animals from a very young age. Katie was always out and about picking up injured or lost animals, rehabilitating them and releasing them back into the wild or reuniting them with their owners. Having had pets all her life Katie started to work for a pet shop, 18 years ago, before joining college to complete a National Diploma in Animal Management. Whilst at college Katie started to work for a well known open farm and from there moved onto working at City farms, and becoming the Livestock Manager for 4 years. Katie then became the manager of a school farm in London and has worked there for the past 3 years.
Olivia has always had pets around the home from a young age, but in the last 4 years has started regularly volunteering and helping out on City Farms and even agricultural shows. Olivia has also started pet and house sitting, dog walking and looking after a wide variety of species of animals. Olivia has lots of experience dog walking and pet sitting chickens, cats, ferrets, snakes, lizards etc.   

  Anne, Tony and Natalie

Tony has always loved dogs and has a brown Labrador that he walks twice a day.  

Anne is the kindest and caring person who has always loved animals and particularly loves cats.

Natalie has always had dogs and with two young children enjoys going on family walks.


Is a 6 year old, neutered male, yellow Labrador. Gilbert didn't have the best start in life and was rescued from living in a garden when he was around 6 months old. Gilbert has many friends including Joe the turkey. Gilbert regularly patrols the farm looking after all of his friends and protecting them from the fox.


Is a 4 year old, female, black cat. She enjoys catching mice and her favourite past time is sleeping on peoples laps. She loves to snuggle up and keep warm in bed.


Is a 2 year old, female, calico, tabby cat. Gladys loves to be outside but rarely leaves the garden. Gladys loves to stalk people and chase their feet, her favourite thing is sleeping next to the radiator or the fire.


Is a 13 year old, neutered male, chocolate Labrador. Ferguson loves to sunbathe in the garden and enjoys his walks with Tony.


Is a 7 year old, neutered male, Staffordshire bull terrier. Chunk loves long walks and always takes his ball with him.

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